Movimento Club is a project started by Artefatto to encourage and support young designers and emerging brands, by promoting their work and connecting them to interested clients.


Movimento was created to give these individuals visibility by coming together as a singular collective. Movimento has a strong belief that together we can achieve more.


Movimento is an ever-growing collective of emerging brands and independent designers, as well as a place for design enthusiasts and professionals to discover and purchase new design from all over the world. Movimento gives young designers and brands a physical and online platform to show their work to the world. Movimento launched in 2020 with a virtual reality exhibition featuring 45 designers from around the world.

Movimento operates as a nomadic gallery.


With no fixed location, it has a strong emphasis on digital promotion but at the same time, uses physical exhibitions in various locations to introduce the pieces to local clientele.

The curation of pieces within Movimento will not be found anywhere else, with Artefatto Design Studio hand-selecting each piece. Many of the pieces included have been brought to market with the help of Movimento. Not only that, many designers have launched their first collection through Movimento, using it as a springboard for their emerging  On top of that, many of the pieces are the first from the designers, who see Movimento as a springboard for their design careers.

The Movimento Magazine, along with the weekly newsletter, is a continuous editorial showcasing new members, new products, member interviews, curated collections and any other important news.