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Established in 2018, SECOLO is a London-based furniture brand creating iconic pieces that meet traditional tastes with contemporary and unorthodox twists.

Focusing on quality materials, Italian manufacturing and distinctive designs, SECOLO produces furniture and accessories which, while being playful and original, will complement any interior.

// Tangent Console

The Tangent Console, older brother to the sketch side table, is the more refined, more mature, member of the family. Also inspired by sketching lines and geometry; one bent piece of metal provides all the support the console needs to stay standing. The oval top, connecting at a tangent to the metal sheet, provides a surface for the console to be used. Just two pieces or two shapes creating a fully functioning console unit. The metal sheet is available in any metal finish or RAL colour. The top is available in metal or wood.

// Tateyama Sofa

Tateyama is a conversational sofa characterised by its soft curves and unusual shape which encourages the users to engage with one another. It is both welcoming and comfortable. A gap has been carved out of the backrest, opening the sofa up to the rest of the room. The sofa is available with or without the incorporated side tables, which are supported by a continuous metal belt. The sofa can be upholstered in a number of different materials including COM. The metal element is available in a number of metal finishes including polished and satin variations.

// Burn Mirror

Burn is a large freestanding mirror made from a single piece of polished metal, supported by a heavy painted base. The mirror is borderless so it seems as though the reflections are appearing out of thin air. The base can be finished in any RAL colour.

// B-15 Z

B-15z is named after a huge iceberg that broke away from an even larger ice shelf in Antarctica. B-15z looks like it was a piece of Tateyama but works as a perfect accompaniment or on its own. It is slightly over-sized and extremely comfortable. A soft lounge chair perfect for any situation or setting.



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