• Traaf's design language offers a combination of the ancient and the modern. The basic characteristics of the materials used determine how these materials relate to each other and thus also determine the shape. The hardness of the dominant granite stone clamps the wood, allowing the wood to bend. The bench can be repeated endlessly by a sequence of the same elements. This creates a curve of granite and oak.



    Traaf Bench Walnut

    • Designer: TIM VRANKEN

      Country of Origin: Belgium

      Dimensions (cm): 

      • Traaf Small: 96 x 50 x H 50.5
      • Traaf Large: 205 x 50 x H 50.5
      • Traaf Small + Large: 275.5 x 50 x H 50.5
      • Traaf Small + Small + Large: 355 x 50 x H 50.5

      Price: excl. VAT

      The stone is made up of a solid block of MDF finished with a layer of granite stone. This is built up because the stone would otherwise weigh 150 kg