• The Pebble & The Stone is a family of five sand-cast stem blocks developed in collaboration with Flùr in Toronto. Inspired by geologic fact and design possibility, these blocks anchor stems in a waterless state, for use with dried flora or temporary displays of fresh flora. These objects reflect common geometrical and proportional foundations, while bearing the nuance, warmth, and inflection of natural forms. Each block features the unique signature of its casting, with variations in texture and surface detail.



    The Stone and The Pebble (1 piece set)

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    • Designer: Mercury Bureau

      Country of Origin: Canada

      Dimensions (cm): 8.5 x 6 x 8.5cm H

      Price: excl. VAT

      Solid sand-cast manganese bronze. The sides have a rough, brushed finish. This finish highlights textures from the sand casting process—including grinding marks from postcasting processing—offering a contrast with the hand-polished surface.
      This bronze is raw and will patina over time, especially in areas that have been touched.
      The client can allow this patina to develop or periodically refinish the object using a metal polishing paste suited to bronze, used according to instructions.