The Seasons Rug reflects the seasons of the year, starting with green tones and moving into orange and more autumnal tones. Nature passed through the prism of emotions and is reflected in the pictureof this rug. Convex black spots are knots of wool, reminiscent of rain. The asymmetry in the form, in fringe, in the figure itself, is very harmonious, each element is thought out as an addition to the other.The carpet can be used both in the floor version, and it can also be anaccent in the interior and hang on the wall.



    The Seasons Rug

    €2,500.00 Regular Price
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    • Designer: Kononenko ID

      Country of Origin: Ukraine

      Dimensions (cm): 140 x 200

      Price: excl. VAT

      Weaved by hand, according to the ancient methods of weaving of