• In this collection, studio ThusThat endeavors to renegotiate our understanding of copper through the combined use of the metal and its byproduct, slag.
    Slag is the molten impurities cast aside in giant heaps during the production and recycling of copper, akin to man-made lava. Through close collaborations with scientific researchers in Belgium, the designers process and use the slag as a geopolymer, an alternative to cement with a substantially lower CO2 footprint.
    Using a hand-forming technique inspired by cob and vernacular architecture, ThusThat creates large monoliths with textured surfaces that harken to the materials’ molten origins. They combine this with a variant of traditional coppersmithing on the metallic shade. The result are pieces with anamorphic presence that communicate a different story of a metal we depend upon so heavily.




    TC Floor Lamp 01

    • Designer: ThusThat

      Country of Origin: The Netherlands

      Dimensions (cm):  30 x 60 x 145

      Price: excl. VAT

      Fiber reinforced copper-slag based geopolymer concrete body, formed by hand.
      Hammered copper lampshade, with backside heat patina.
      Tala dimmable LED bulb with varying warmth (“dim-to-warm”), with dimmer.
      Brass component highlights and fittings, and fabric electrical chord.