• Spina in the Bianco Antico terrazzo version is the coffee table/bench made in a single piece.

    The concept of the stacked elements makes it a sort of altar with a rationalist totemic representation devoid of any decorative element.

    The classicism of the terrazzo and the softness of the tones create a contrast with the rigorous repetitive rhythm of the top and with the bold thicknesses of this extremely graphic object.

    There is a clear visual statement that starts from the heavy pedestal on the upper level offset then to what is displayed on its surface.



    Spina Antico

    • Designer: CARA\DAVIDE for Portego

      Country of Origin: Italy

      Dimensions (cm):  85 x 40 x 45cm H

      Price: excl. VAT

      Locally made by expert artisans, in Veneto, Italy.