• Imperfections and irregularity are the most highly regarded form of beauty, when combined with flawlessly curved wood panels. Mesmerised by the almost-deformedlooking grains of maple burl - commonly found as a rounded outgrowth on a tree with small knots from dormant buds - and have accentuated this beauty on a curved separè.
    This room divider is consisted of seven curved wooden panels and connected with brass hinges. Sculptural shapes can be obtained if the panels are rotated and adjusted to one’s needs.



    Separè II

    • Designer: Daniel Nikolovski

      Country of Origin: North Macedonia

      Dimensions (cm): 154 x 22 x H 180 (fully open)

      Price: excl. VAT

      This item is constructed by the use of curved plywood panels and applied a layer of maple wood veneer on the top surface, finished with opaque water based lacquer.
      It can be folded into a single panel width and it is easy to store when not used.