• In our Sedimenti carpet, transparent surfaces overlap and stratify in what is perceived as a perpetual motion and a never-ending aspiration towards illusory forms of balance

    Through transparency and layering, an abstract geometric composition of great intensity and beauty comes to life. You can perceive the evanescent surfaces sliding on top of each other and in overlapping they build up in a vibrant chromatic crescendo. In a random movement that seems to be generated by a breath of wind, the translucent surfaces seem to seek a new precarious balance to which all things aspire. In this relentless pursuit, the Sedimenti covering radiates that compositional beauty that belongs to the delicate aerial choreographies frozen in a still image, as if in a synchronic dance of surfaces suspended by the wind.


    • Designer: Studio Zero

      Country of Origin: Italy

      Dimensions (cm): Dia 200 x 260

      Price: excl. VAT

      Hi-quality digital print on 100% PA carpet. Our carpet is made of non-allergenic and non-toxic yarns. It is durable, easy to clean and do not contain any harmful substances. The carpet is made with full respect for nature at all stages of production, from the selection of materials to printing technology.