• Dark waves of silent water running along the walls, On the curved shore of your shelter. This is the closeness in which we meet. A parallel reconsideration between one and its opposite, connecting the islands of self.

    The room for Irregularities collection takes its roots in the conjugation of Glasgow’s strong industrial heritage to the wild shapes of the Scottish lochs. By presenting a fragmented land and isolating body parts, the mirrors let us focus on the genuine beauty of details instead of presenting a general shape. It's an anti-narcissus letting room for irregularities.



    Room for irregularities mirror long

    €5,340.00 Regular Price
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    • Designer: WALAC.

      Country of Origin: United Kingdom

      Dimensions (cm): 61.5 x 160

      Price: excl. VAT

      Materials: Hand-blackened and waxed steel, smoked grey mirror, wooden back. Available Colors/Finishes: Hand-Blackened steel