•  Our narrative starts from physicalizing an ergonomical curve. By bending 3 abstract labile planes along this trajectory  and intersecting them, a structural entity is emerging. The two dimensional line becomes a spatial object, which on its turn creates complex three dimensional curves. Nevertheless the physical presence of one line highlights the simplicity  of the narrative.
     As we are naturally drawn to light, 3mm thin tempered steel plates let the observer discover the ever-changing soft  materiality of light framed by the sharp edges. The object becomes the center of a three dimensional experience characterized by the ambiguity of it not being strictly design, art or architecture. It results in a piec so striking in  geometric simplicity, almost as if... you designed it yourself.



    One curve chair


      Country of Origin: Belgium

      Dimensions (cm):  60 x 72 x 72 (H). Seat H 43

      Price: excl. VAT


      Since one curve creates the entire project, it was of absolute importance to find the best one. We examined many curves by making several test models in order to create an enjoyable sitting experience. Secondly, we tested multiple thicknesses to reach the thinnest and lightest chair possible while keeping a stable whole. Steel is seen as a fixed  and static material often coated or hidden behind other finishes. By tempering steel, we try to retrieve its hidden  characteristics and reveal its true beauty.