• The Mitochondria coffee table is a piece of ceramic sculptural furniture. Mitochondria takes its name from energy producing organelle; inspired by its sculptural and variable form as well as its important function in cellular metabolism. With the designer’s characteristic interpretation the variable expression in the shaping of this sculptural form constitutes its main character. It’s base is made of three pieces and is entirely hand built by the designer. Because of the method of production, each edition is a unique piece, slightly different from one another.




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    • Designer: Isin Sezgi Avci

      Country of Origin: Turkey

      Dimensions (cm): 105 x 65 x 36 (H)

      Price: excl. VAT

      The base is made out of ceramic, fired at high temperature.

      The tops is CNC cut tempered glass. Three chrome hardware hold glass top. Each edition is made by hand, dimensions and shapes may slightly differ due to hand-building.