• Comets and meteors have always fascinated the human race since they were first spotted in night skies and ancient cultures often depicted them into myths and legends to explain them. Meteorite is a mirroring wall artwork inspired by these powerful interplanetary objects which become meteors when they enter our atmosphere leaving a bright trail in the sky.

    The cosmos and its secrets are recurrent sources of inspiration of 06D Atelier's objects, Meteorite is a strongly representative piece of their work but also a result of researches to create new optical effects using glass mirrors.




    • Designer: 06D Atelier

      Country of Origin: United Kingdom

      Dimensions (cm): 140 x 40

      Price: excl. VAT

      Metorite is made of different laminated glass layers with sandwiched films giving different colour effects. With a circular coloured mirror and a glass tail with striped surface and shades of different colours, it measures 140 x 40 cm and is possible to hang it on the wall in different inclinations. Bespoke colours are available, the tail's shades will changes accordingly to the colour of the circular mirror.