• MAAT originates from the idea of bringing an earthy texture into our interior space. The table visualised as part of our home stands as a metaphor and reminds us to see beauty in the simplest things. Stripped of ornamentation, it stays bold and confident with its undulated cylindrical form. The imperfections in hand-made flutes, almost subtly reflect the movement of the potter's hand and build an innate connection between the maker and the end-user. The table gains its distinctive personality with the reduction-firing technique that develops a smoked-charcoal texture over terracotta. The process transforms a fragile material like terracotta into something that appears bold and strong. MAAT collection showcases the true nature of the process and celebrates how each table despite irregularities exhibits their strong personality. It reminds us that it is our vulnerabilities that make us beautiful.


    MAAT 430

    • Designer: Stem Design

      Country of Origin: India

      Dimensions (cm): Dia 28 x 43 (H)

      Price: excl. VAT

      MAAT 430 is a terracotta table, reduction fired. The process of firing contains the smoke in the vessel which floats through the atmosphere and falls on the surface of the table. The ash then melts due to the temperature of the terracotta, creating an ash glaze on the surface.  The surface is left unfinished, exposing the material in its natural state. This piece is carefully hand-crafted. Any blemishes or deformations in the form, flutes should not be mistaken for defects. It is what captures the movements of the hand and makes each piece one-of-a-kind.

      Care Instructions :

      - Gently wipe the table with a dry or damp cloth.

      - Do not use any abrasive material on its surface. It may result in scratches or scrape out/ diffuse the ash residues on the surface.

      - Lift the table with care to avoid any chipping from edges.