• 'Knots and Tubes' celebrates construction and functions like a scaffolding system for the living room or the office. It makes all its connections visible to create a visual depth. Each piece can be extended in all direction to fit any need. It is easily mountable and survives every move to be reassembled in the next place.


    Sideboard P is part of Knots and Tubes. The structure and knots are made of black steel and the shelving boards are made of marble/stone.


    The structure consists of 1.5cm diameter standard steel tubes with and specially milled steel cylinders that can be fixed in any height or length of the tube. The steel cylinders have drilled threads central to their ends, where a hexagonal head bolt can be screwed in. These screws hold the tube in place on any given height when they reach one of the two perpendicularly milled holes through the cylinder. To stiffen the structure two steel cables are placed and tightened on its backside diagonally by a turnbuckle thread.


    The shelving boards have a standard width and can vary in length. The corners are cut out to make space for the steel knots creating a distinctive shape giving every piece the series its character.



    Knots and tubes

    €10,000.00 Regular Price
    €8,000.00Sale Price
    • Designer: MOB PROJECTS

      Country of Origin: Portugal

      Dimensions (cm): 245 x 32 x 82 (H)

      Price: excl. VAT


      Carbon steel tubes and connectors, Estremoz white marble.