• The “JD01 Noir” began as a case study in reductivism, whose epilogue played out to be a single sheet of baltic birched plywood, manipulated into this simplistically congruent chair. Thermal coating is a process that mixes a chemical and catalyst, applied with heat; the two entities will then bind, creating a shell around the surface. Once cured the thermal coated surface becomes impenetrable. The use of this process gives the geometric form an unremitting versatility to exist in and outdoors, as well as the tactility of an orange peel. Its undiluted nature communicates a configured principle with no visible semblance of hardware.
    Between its use of black and continuous material, the JD01 Noir establishes a cosmic element akin to universal vastness.



    JD01 Noir

    • Designer: Julian David Studio

      Country of Origin: USA

      Dimensions (cm): 47 x 38 x 72 H

      Price: excl. VAT

      Single sheet of baltic birched plywood with a thermal coated finish.