• Invisible began with a concept of ‘what if a furniture is invisible?’. To make the furniture be considered as if it doesn’t exist though it actually exists, a space has been made with thin-layered reflecting materials. Even though the front, rear and new spaces reflected through the materials are totally separated from one another, new spaces can be discovered by connecting the reflecting parts of thin layers of the furniture. A Silhouette of the furniture can be described in different ways by the way you see and it can also cause an optical illusion of an object being floated when the object is displayed on the shelf.



    Invisible Shelf

    €3,850.00 Regular Price
    €3,080.00Sale Price
    • Designer: Hyukjoon Choi

      Country of Origin: Republic of Korea

      Dimensions (cm): 28.5 X 43 X 178(H)

      Price: excl. VAT

      Technical description of the product: The piece is built with utilizing thin layers of reflective stainless steel. These are then bridged together using small screws. On these shelves that work to connect the layers together, objects can be displayed.