• The intricate embroidery features a visualised Chinese proverb, “The lotus root may be severed, but its fibered threads are still connected.” This expression is used to describe how important family ties are, the lamp is exquisitely adorned with a delicate, hand embroidered silk panel. The light globe sits elegantly atop the silk panel, which ensues a captivating ambience.



    Interlocking Lotus

    • Designer: Ori Home

      Country of Origin: UK

      Dimensions (cm):  26 x 42 (H)

      Price: excl. VAT


      Materials: Brass, Blue birds’ eye maple, Hand embroidered silk panel

      The motif was hand painted first before being embroidered by Su embroideryartists, which the craftsmanship is an ancient Chinese embroidery techniquetraditionally passed down from mother to daughter.
      Available Colors/Finishes: The embroidered panel is fully bespoke, which alsoreflects the price according to different motifs.