• A window is historically understood as a condition to observe the world. Today computers and smartphones are our new windows to perceive society. These screens try to idealize everything while this is only an illusion of reality.

    We start from a perfect screen that we break into sharp irregular shards. This leads to convex and concave shapes that we compose together as unique fragments that are part of a bigger whole. While breaking is usually related to destroying, here it means creating.



    Fragmented Stainless Steel

    €4,000.00 Regular Price
    €3,200.00Sale Price

      Country of Origin: Belgium

      Dimensions (cm):  150 x 50 x 100 (H)

      Price: excl. VAT


      The shelf is made from 5 mm aluminium plates finished with a smooth pink anodization that reflects its surroundings and its complementary shards. This results in a distortion of reality, creating a surreal image from a real object.