• This piece is about stepping out of the shadow. It’s a scream that says: "Can you see me now!?". Social pressure and the fear of being rejected or laughed at is something that kept Choui quiet and shy for most of his young adult life. This project was for him a way to recognize who he really was and to affirm that he would not hide any more.


    This cabinet consist of a single material: custom-made cast acrylic sheets. It also relies on a sole fabrication process that provides this piece with the extreme level of precision it needs in order to hold it stance. The Fluo Cabinet comes fully assembled by Choui himself as it requires a lot of care and a special technique to put it together.



    Fluo Cabinet

    €3,900.00 Regular Price
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    • Designer: WILL CHOUI

      Country of Origin: Canada

      Dimensions (cm):  76 x 51 x 152 (H)

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