• The composition of this lamp is inspired by one of Michelangelo’s iconic paintings - “The Creation of Adam”. The crane represents nature and the hand symbolises humanity. The crane is positioned at a higher level because mankind is always fascinated and inspired by nature. It also shows our coexistence with nature as one cannot challenge the balance between the two elements.


    The hand embroidered design is created by the most skilled of artisans, it is finished off with a Deco inspired shape, with a touch of veneered cobalt blue bird’s eye maple, which maximises the elegance of the illumination.



    Deco Crane

    • Designer: Ori Home

      Country of Origin: UK

      Dimensions (cm):  11.5 x 24.5 x 40 (H)

      Price: excl. VAT


      Materials: Brass, Blue birds’ eye maple, Hand embroidered silk panel

      The motif was hand painted first before being embroidered by Su embroideryartists, which the craftsmanship is an ancient Chinese embroidery techniquetraditionally passed down from mother to daughter.

      Available Colors/Finishes: The veneered blue bird’s eye maple can be customised to any other materials. The embroidered panel is fully bespoke, which also reflects the price according to different motifs.