• This award winning design is a combination of satin finished brass and skilfully embroidered red coral will always be a look synonymous with beauty. Corals have been regarded as a status of wealth and opulence, its motif has been used in decorative textiles for centuries around the world. Inspired by these traditional motifs, the new lamp from Ori Home emotes the feeling of warmth, sea life and nature in a contemporary context.


    The bespoke, handmade embroideries are encased by pieces of acrylic, and then integrated into the lamp. Ori Home have revived this traditional oriental motif by incorporating Chinese embroidery techniques into a contemporary design.



    Coral Royale

    • Designer: Ori Home

      Country of Origin: UK

      Dimensions (cm): 16 x 20 x 72 (H)

      Price: excl. VAT


      Materials: Brass, Hand embroidered silk panel
      The motif was hand painted first before being embroidered by Su embroidery artists, which the craftsmanship is an ancient Chinese embroidery technique traditionally passed down from mother to daughter.

      Available Colors/Finishes: The embroidered panel is fully bespoke, which also
      reflects the price according to different motifs.