• Composizione Astratta mirror is a tribute to light and matter, to reflection and transparency in which coloured mirrors and metal surfaces seem to intersect and intertwine to reveal new poetic and compositional qualities.

    The apparent transparency of the surfaces lets us deceptively see through the material, connecting and linking in our perception the different forms in free movement in the space. At the same time, the mirrors reflect the image of the surrounding environment, creating an overlap of visions in continuous movement with the observer. Transparency and reflection thus connect the perception of the imaginary and that of reality, the direct, objective vision of the space, and the illusory, subjective, decomposed vision of abstraction.

    This perceptive and illusory approach is affected by an echo that comes from the past and which has its roots in the abstract art of the twentieth century, connecting in particular to the studies on perception during those years. The idea of being able to express a complex, layered, changing vision of reality, be it physical or imaginary, through an extreme synthesis of shapes, colors and materials, has certainly influenced us, like an indelible memory that resides immutably in our unconscious.

    Composizione Astratta

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    • Designer: Studio Zero

      Country of Origin: Italy

      Dimensions (cm): Dia 80 x 2 x 90 (H)

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      Composizione Astratta is a handcrafted mirror made using the mosaic technique that joins classic mirror, antique gold and black colored mirrors and a brushed brass plate. It simply hangs on the wall thanks to the presence of two housing for wall plugs in the rear wooden panel.

      Clean gently using soft cloths and non-aggressive, neutral detergents for mirrors