• Coffee Table Nº7 is a piece of furniture entirely handmade by Polish designer Jan Ankiersztajn. Multiple sheets of aluminum were shaped, fit and welded to emphasize the appeal of the volume. Raw untreated aluminium stands in contrast to the geometric lines. Exposition to moisture can change the tone of aluminum which naturally reveals its former and current application.



    Coffee Table Nº7

    • Designer: Jan Ankiersztajn

      Country of Origin: Poland

      Dimensions (cm): H38 x W89 x D53cm

      Price: excl. VAT

      Coffee Table Nº7 is made out of thick aluminum sheet, internally reinforced with aluminum square tubing.
      Some subtle colour differences can occur on the edges where filler aluminum has been added during welding. The increased pressure of the air trapped inside the body needs to escape during welding process thus the main geometry requires to have a small hole in the bottom - like a navel. These are natural imperfections derived from the specific production method, they do not weaken the performance of the object.
      Each piece features hand engraved signature and sequential numbering.
      If requested aluminum can be waxed to prevent oxidation.