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Movimento Spotlight: Where to find Movimento members during Milan Design Week

Today marks the welcome return of Milan Design Week, a huge deal for all of us. It’s beginning to feel like normality is returning to the design world (apart from the fact that it’s in September, of course).

Those visiting will no doubt have a long list of ‘must sees’ for the week which will have you running between 5via, Rho fiera, Isola, Brera, Tortona and elsewhere fueled only by €1 espresso and piadine. There is so much to see in every district, so in order to make it easy for you to discover some amazing design, we have compiled a list of where our members will be exhibiting during the fair so that you can check out some of the amazing work these guys are doing.

We have also created a map with all of the exhibitions marked, you can find this by following this link. OPEN MAP

Celo.1 presents Inevitable Future

Via Santa Marta, 18

‘Inevitable future’ reflects the relationship between cosmic events and the human perception of past, present and future.

The mirror is comprised of three areas - the outer ring reflects that which is in front, the dark shaded area acts as a transition between this and the central part of the mirror which is transparent glass.

‘Inevitable Future’ can be found as part of Matter to Dream exhibition in 5 Vie.