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Movimento Spotlight: Ollain

‘’Ollain’’ is an experimental furniture collection from Tellurico Design Studio. The first part of the series was composed of three sides tables: S, M and L but has since then grown.

Each piece is realised by hand by Tellurico through the re-interpretation of the Italian Craft called ‘’Stucco’’. The tables are constructed using a material Tellurico calls S.C.M or Special Composite Mixture, the main material of which is a mixture of Jesmonite, recycled processing waste and a natural coloured pigment, the whole piece is then coated with a transparent sealer.

This manufacturing technique (developed by Tellurico) makes the pieces fully customisable not only in colour but in shape, size and function.

The current collection consists of Ollain S, M, L and XL.





Explore the Ollain Series as well as other pieces from Tellurico by clicking any of the images.

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