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Highlights from Milan Design Week

Milan Design Week comes to an end and so does ORIGINS, thank you to everyone who came down to visit, it was a pleasure meeting you. The exhibition was held from 7th - 12th of June at Via Giuseppe Sirtori 6 at GROUND, a practice, laboratory and research platform founded by Domingo Communication.

Below you can find some photographs of the space and the incredible pieces on show. The eagle-eyed of you will notice some of these pieces are yet to be released so keep your eyes on the newsletter for those!

Full List of Designers and Exhibited Pieces:

Studio F – Orbit (Italy)

Miscellaneous – Millim Studio (Italy)

Celo.1 – Absence Mirror (Italy)

sashaxsasha – SSB01W (Russia)

Studio Zero – Composizione Astratta (Italy)

Max Funkat – Twin Shelving (Germany)

Panorammma Atelier – Cult Stool (Mexico)

Tipstudio – Secondo Fuoco Vases (Italy)

Federica Elmo – Onda Coffee Tables (Italy)

Portego – Isola (Italy)

Tellurico – Ollain (The Netherlands)

Tellurico – A Chair for Ursula (The Netherlands)

Morgane Avéus – Monument (United Kingdom)

Arequipe - Love’s got hole (Italy)

Arequipe - San Felice (Italy)

Studio X - Venere Vases (Italy)

Neemesi Atelier - 11.07 Coffee Table (Italy)

Secolo – Pingu (UK/Italy)