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Founded by award winning designer Pei Li in 2017, Ori Home rediscovers ancient craftsmanship from around
the world and reimagines them for modern interiors. From lighting pieces which incorporate traditional Chinese
embroidery to cushions inspired by the folklore, Li scours the globe for the finest in contemporary homewares
before applying his own unique touches. Translated into Italian, Ori is the plural of gold, and Li likens his
handmade collections of luxury homewares as lost treasures from around the globe.

// Coral Royale

This award winning design is a combination of satin finished brass and skilfully embroidered red coral will always be a look synonymous with beauty. Corals have been regarded as a status of wealth and opulence, its motif has been used in decorative textiles for centuries around the world. Inspired by these traditional motifs, our new lamp emotes the feeling of warmth, sea life and nature in a contemporary context.
The bespoke, handmade embroideries are encased by pieces of acrylic, and then integrated into the lamp. Ori Home has revived this traditional oriental motif by incorporating Chinese embroidery techniques into a contemporary design.

// Interlocking Lotus

The intricate embroidery features a visualised Chinese proverb, “The lotus root may be severed, but its fibered threads are still connected.” This expression is used to describe how important family ties are, the lamp is exquisitely adorned with a delicate, hand embroidered silk panel. The light globe sits elegantly atop the silk panel, which ensues a captivating ambience.

// Deco Crane

The composition of this lamp is inspired by one of Michelangelo’s iconic paintings - “The Creation of Adam”. The crane represents nature and the hand symbolises humanity. The crane is positioned at a higher level because mankind is always fascinated and inspired by nature. It also shows our coexistence with nature as one cannot challenge the balance between the two elements.

The hand embroidered design is created by the most skilled of artisans, it is finished off with a Deco inspired shape, with a touch of veneered cobalt blue bird’s eye maple, which maximises the elegance of the illumination.

Ori Home

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