April 2021

Movimento, together with Visual Pleasure magazine has co-curated a visual tribute to Milan Design Week called ‘Omaggio’. It includes a global selection of pieces from the members of Movimento Club with interior styling by Bruno Tarsia and 3D visualisation by Rolig Design.    

The scene, designed by Bruno Tarsia, is a piece of architecture like no other, each room flows effortlessly into the next, walls seem to stretch into the night sky, forms are repeating yet always unexpected. All of this sits within dreamy landscapes of sand dunes and still skies, almost as if we are in a dream, visiting all of the exhibitions we are missing without Milan Design Week this year. The pieces have been gathered from all corners of the world including Mexico, Australia, South Korea, Slovenia, USA and The Netherlands.

Movimento Club is a project started by Artefatto Design Studio to encourage and support young designers and emerging brands, by promoting their work through various channels. Movimento was created to give these individuals visibility by coming together as a singular collective. Movimento has a strong belief that together we can achieve more.