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A New York-based design studio, Ocrum has become known for creating furniture, lighting, mirrors and decorative accessories that encompass a timeless yet contemporary aesthetic.


Ocrum draws inspiration on both vivid memories and the wonder of time, merging classical sensibilities with bold innovation and Italian craftsmanship. The collection takes cues from Creative Director Sean Zhang, who is known for his intuitive design sensibility, sharp attention to detail, and minimalist lifestyle. All of his pieces share a poetic story that calls to mind the vibrancy of life itself.


Zhang studied at the Polytechnic University of Milan in Italy, his design journey beginning with courses in Product Design. He then relocated to the United States, where he earned his Master's Degree in Industrial Design at the Rhode Island School of Design(RISD). All the while, he was reminiscing on his time in Italy, which had ignored a passion for craftsmanship inside him. At RISD, he took a hands-on approach to ceramics, textiles, wood, and blown glass. It was throughout this period of his life that he came to a new understanding of his own creativity and his approach to design, developing principles and a medium through which he would connect with others. It was also during this time that he developed the idea that would turn into Ocrum, linking his vivid experiences with one of the most masterful craftsman in the world and creating objects that are as stunning as they are refreshing.


Ocrum's work has been featured in such internationally renowned publications as Elle Decor, Elle Décoration France, Forbes, Interior Design, Surface Magazine, Metropolis, etc.

// Snowmotion

Snowmotion harks to the contrasts between stone/glass and snow/water. These are elements that are starkly different and yet share much in common. 


The first snowfall of the season has just covered the Dolomites' peaks, the lake at their feet still untouched. This creates a reflection that speaks stillness, the freezing wind blowing down from the mountains onto the water surface. 


The natural veins and streaks of Liberty or Statuario marble hail from Carrara, Italy, and they are meticulously carved into natural shapes and pair beautifully with the pure clarity of the mirror, forming a contrasting yet harmonious combination.


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