Objects with Narratives

Basel, Switzerland

OWN believes in shifting the incentive of design from esthetics and function to objects powered by narratives. With this approach, the object becomes merely the medium. It becomes more about owning a narrative rather than the physical object.

Our design approach starts from relevant stories challenging the present flows to create the zeitgeist of tomorrow. This explains the drive for advanced technologies, embracing new materials and approach modern themes like lifecycles, digitalization and the growing demand of shared furniture. These narratives are critically approached by architects, ergonomically shaped by designers and carefully crafted by engineers.

// One Curve Chair

Our narrative starts from physicalizing an ergonomical curve. By bending 3 abstract labile planes along this trajectory  and intersecting them, a structural entity is emerging. The two dimensional line becomes a spatial object, which on its turn creates complex three dimensional curves. Nevertheless the physical presence of one line highlights the simplicity  of the narrative.
 As we are naturally drawn to light, 3mm thin tempered steel plates let the observer discover the ever-changing soft  materiality of light framed by the sharp edges. The object becomes the center of a three dimensional experience characterized by the ambiguity of it not being strictly design, art or architecture. It results in a piec so striking in  geometric simplicity, almost as if... you designed it yourself.

// Fragmented

A window is historically understood as a condition to observe the world. Today computers and smartphones are our new windows to perceive society. These screens try to idealize everything while this is only an illusion of reality.

We start from a perfect screen that we break into sharp irregular shards. This leads to convex and concave shapes that we compose together as unique fragments that are part of a bigger whole. While breaking is usually related to destroying, here it means creating.

Objects with Narratives

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