Montserrat Benetts.jpg

Montserrat Piña Benetts

Mexico City, Mexico

Montserrat Piña Benetts (1992, Mexico) is an industrial designer based in Mexico City, interested in exploring the idea of ​​love for objects, through a design language that delights the senses and creates a connection with users that go beyond materiality.

She has a trajectory of more than 5 years in furniture and interior design, in which she has sought to base her practice on chromatic experimentation, with a strong conceptual background.


The Chroma room divider seeks to break the confines of its own materiality.

By filtering the light through, it magnifies its presence creating an effect where different shades of color mix and flood the space it inhabits.

What happens if we think of objects beyond what they are, and reflect on how they impact the space around them? This proposal shows how pieces of furniture interact with their surroundings, allowing users to have control not only over objects, but also over the entire atmosphere of a room.