MOB Projects

Lisbon, Portugal

MOB is an international design incubator that

develops furniture projects designed by artists

and architects.


We invite creators with both emerging and established careers, always under the premise of looking for fresh and particular voices with their own style and challenging their contexts.


In this way, we want to materialize personal research into products capable of transmitting the complexity of social and formal thinking.

// Knots and Tubes

'Knots and Tubes' celebrates construction and functions like a scaffolding system for the living room or the office. It makes all its connections visible to create a visual depth. Each piece can be extended in all direction to fit any need. It is easily mountable and survives every move to be reassembled in the next place.


Sideboard P is part of Knots and Tubes. The structure and knots are made of black steel and the shelving boards are made of marble/stone.


The structure consists of 1.5cm diameter standard steel tubes with and specially milled steel cylinders that can be fixed in any height or length of the tube. The steel cylinders have drilled threads central to their ends, where a hexagonal head bolt can be screwed in. These screws hold the tube in place on any given height when they reach one of the two perpendicularly milled holes through the cylinder. To stiffen the structure two steel cables are placed and tightened on its backside diagonally by a turnbuckle thread.


The shelving boards have a standard width and can vary in length. The corners are cut out to make space for the steel knots creating a distinctive shape giving every piece the series its character.


The board of a table is much more than a mere support: it is a line that divides two worlds. On its upper part certain codes are maintained, there are prescribed ways and conventions. Above that level reigns the protocol, the scopic, the customs and courtesies.

Everything changes under the table. There appear the flirtations, the furtive gestures, the hidden. In this invisible field dominate the unseen signals and the secret codes, the tactile ones. Also the pets rest covered by an architecture to their measure and, inadvertently, doze. Under that plane, the feet are confused and mixed in a small choreography, where the human and artificial legs intermingle, claiming the latter, sometimes annoyingly, their presence.

The TTTTable proposes a rereading of the support of the usual table archetype, provided with one or four legs. The table, is here converted into a sum of elements that are presented in its maximum lightness, in its minimum expression, thanks precisely, to its massive replication and its strategic position. Its 12 legs allow a homogeneous support and minimize the bending of the board, which allows an optimization of the material and at the same time generates new laws under it.

// Bisagra

Bisagra is an polymorphic device for domestic and work environments, a galvanized steel structure composed by 5 frames of 50x190x10cm. 


 Thought as an alternative to partitions walls that fragment our way of living into small rooms, Bisagra is a flexible and functional filter for indoor and outdoor space. It offers a minimum -and generic- structure that can be completed according to needs and desires.


 From a compact shelf to an expanded linear screen, Bisagra provides display for books, clothes, plants and the vast world of objects, which are part of our everyday life.

// Bis 

The BIS project for MOB seeks to be installed as a sort of island in space, accentuating its semi-translucent composition and operability on both sides of the furniture. In some way this "screen" modifies the space, divides it and conditions its use, allowing to dispose objects or not, on both sides of the furniture. Thanks to the use of reflective glasses as separators; the objects and the traffic can be observed from the opposite side. Its modular, basic and simple way, together with the use of transparency, try to connect conceptually with the use of the oriental screen and make a nod to American minimalism.

// In between a lamp

A beam of light is contained in two oval walls who rises like a silent lighthouse in the space. This lamp not only illuminates but also casts its shadow where light does not come out. The intermediate space allows light to flow like a halo, which partially illuminates the room where it is installed. Like the interior, this lamp is able to finally illuminate the space where it is installed, bouncing on the walls. This light is also contained by architecture in the same way that it is contained within its own structure.

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