Lucas Faber.jpg

Lucas Faber

Berlin, Germany

Lucas Faber is an independent designer from Berlin. He designs both serial products and individual pieces of furniture and objects. His designs are characterized by a clear formal approach and the reduction to the minimal aspects. The objects combine simple geometries, well-considered details and logical structural elements.

// MONO Side Table

mono is an object between a stool and a sidetable. it´s monolith- like, static appearance makes it a stand-alone piece but also works great in company. The object provides the functionality an architypical stool offers but can also serve as a sidetable. due to it´s half round shape it can be ideally placed against a wall or couch or be combined in a set of two.

// ODD Table

ODD is a minimalist table created by Berlin-based designer Lucas Faber. The unconventional piece references bold architectural structures and graphic patterns in equal measure.  The simple geometries that form the legs and tabletop are comprehensible, although the uneven number of legs is visually unusual when viewed from different perspectives. This dissimilarity gives the object an interesting appearance without being too obtrusive.