Berlin, Germany

llot llov’s design is both functional and emotional. Often playful, always visionary, they work conceptually to aesthetically improve our day-to-day world. Their guiding principles are: Content, efficiency, clarity and sustainability.  Usefulness is a priority without foregoing complexity.

llot llov’s work is mostly application-oriented. Their products and interior designs are determined by  the choice of materials and their specific composition. Suppliers from Germany, the neighbouring states and the use of local structures are de rigueur for the team.

llot llov works in close contact with its producers and clients and promotes a close relationship to the demanding consumers as well as to the international users and artists. llov llot is deeply rooted in the creative culture of Berlin and profits from a lively urban environment.

// FRAN Lights

With their bulky silhouette and rustling fringes, the FRAN lights are reminiscent of a piñata. While their cable becomes the suspension string, their fluttering body is made of high-quality rayon, a viscose fiber based on cellulose. The fringe strands are fitted in layers and create a subtle bob or a bulky statement piece – depending on the amount of material. FRAN is available in four bold block colours (beige, coral, green and black), which work on their own as in monochrome or contrasting combinations as well.

// Plank

PLANK – a bold wooden dining table. All its elements: base, legs, tabletop are based on the same plank profile and then linked. The constructed character gives PLANK a rather architectural appeal. It sits like an anvil in the room and thanks to its minimalistic and monothematic construction it is dynamically adaptable to any length.

// Cream Light

In cooperation with the German cosmetics company Cosnova Beauty, this spectacular lighting installation by LLOT LLOV was created from 290 reused face cream containers. Two pots each made of high-quality frosted glass form one lighting element. Due to its industrial production, each glass element has a random numbering on the bottom, this visible graphic detail thus reflects its own history of reuse. The different thicknesses of the glass create different light intensities of the lamps. The 145 dimmable LED light elements are held together by an anodised aluminium centre piece, shimmering in precious matt gold. Attached to thin coaxial cables, the light bodies appear to float. Their orientation is random, only their height is fixed. The different materials and their almost cloud-like arrangement create lively shadows and reflections in the room.