Johannesburg, South Africa

Inspired by the pure and natural condition of form, inborn and progressive cultures and sustainability. KUMSUKA's philosophy is to uplift, convey and become one with the cycle of human habitat evolution by imagining and crafting a world unseen today. 


KUMSUKA was founded in 2015 by South African born human psyche enthusiast, an environmentalist and a natural creator, Siyanda Mazibuko.



First created in 2015. The design of the MBOMA chair is inspired by body movement and the lines of patterns in African handcrafted creations, ranging from ingese (basket), Kuba (blanket) and Dogon 'isichaba' (door). The name of this piece is called Mboma and Mboma means beats. It is a strong expression of Shaka Zulus kingdom masculinity through cultural lines, form, and colour, all translated into the future of African design. KUMSUKA call this translation Afrofuturism. The Mboma is the first piece made to represent the future of African Design in one of many ways.