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In Search of Lost Time 


Movimento Club, as part of the 4th edition of Lake Como Design Festival, presents the exhibition "In Search of Lost Time" .

‘In Search of Lost Time’ is an exhibition of 21st century design set within a backdrop of neo-classicalism; the stark contrast between the two ideas asking questions of time, perception and reflection.

The exhibition is curated by Movimento Club, the set design conceived by Greta Cevenini and produced with the support of Italstand.

Photography: Lorenzo R. Gerli

In search of
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JUNE 2022

Following on from the success of ‘Origins’ at Collectible Design Fair in Brussels last month, we brought Origins to Milan. We showed the same exhibiton with some additional never-before-seen pieces thrown in.

The exhibition was held from 7th - 12th of June at Via Giuseppe Sirtori 6 at GROUND, a practice, laboratory and research platform founded by Domingo Communication.



MAY 2022

Where does an idea come from? Exploration? Experimentation? Evolution? A mistake or a stroke of genius? Most likely, we are influenced by our surroundings; the places we’ve been and the things we’ve observed. Wherever it may be, every origin is truly and unquestionably unique. 

As a collective our origins are diverse and wide-spread. As individuals however, our origins might be closer than we think. ‘Origins’ questions where we’ve come from and where we’re going, as individuals, as a collective and as a global design scene.