Dao Archviz

Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan

Dao Archviz are a two-man team who wants to take active part in this impressive and astonishing virtual world.

DAO Archviz is based in Kyrgyzstan, a small mountain country in central Asia. 

In their work they are driven by three main things: Emotions, Inspiration, Impression.

Something simple must be eye-catching, something difficult must be laconic. Each work has it's own mood and dynamic, so it's an important thing for Dao Archviz to always be creative and broad-minded.

DAO Archviz is more than just render, through our work we've got a lot of interesting stories to tell, and emotions to share.

// Movimento x Dutch Design Week

For Dutch Design Week, the team behind Dao Archviz created a series of scenes with a common theme, rising up from the rubble. We are all in a position at the moment where we need to push though the negative and keep moving forward. Either we are weighed in by rubble, feeling isolated and alone or stuck somewhere. We believe it’s our duty to keep moving forward for the whole design scene.